Monday, 19 March 2012

Adobe InDesign - The Adobe Print Engine has failed - AuthDialog.nib

Having a slight problem with InDesign. Just tried printing a file from InDesign to an Epson Stylus Pro 7600 and came up with this error:

Printing Error. The Adobe Print Enine has failed to output your data due to an unknown problem

Looking in the log files I found this entry:

19/03/2012 12:32:57 Adobe InDesign CS5[421] -[AuthWindowController loadWindow]: failed to load window nib file '/Library/Application Support/Adobe/APE/3.1/adbeapecore.framework/Versions/A/Resources/AdobeSWFL.bundle/Contents/Resources/AuthDialog.nib'.

 Couldn't find anything on it on the internet.

I did a bit of testing. Tried:

  • printing a new document - printed
  • printed a new document with the same images in - printed
  • printed a new document with the same text (was foreign text) - error
Thus I have concluded that it is to do with the unusual text in the document. It was a piece of text translated using Google Translate and pasted, using the Arial font.

The funny thing was that I was unable to export it as a pdf file from that machine, but was able to export it using another machine? As it's just a one off print I thought I'd leave it there.

Anyway, printed it from the pdf file, created on another machine, through Preview. Worked!

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