Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Drupal Slideshow with text overlay

I have a content type which I has a main picture and some intro text and a title. I would like to 'slideshow' this full screen, with the text of each one over the top of the image, and the title at the top of the page. With thumbnails of all down the side, clickable.

I've seen this post which describes doing it with Views Slideshow, as demo'd here. I shall give it a go presently.

it involves adding a folder into the server. Look at the error when you try and enable the module.

After the install all appeared very nice and worked almost swimmingly.

Drupal restore from backup

well, I've been drupal'ed. Time to restore. thought I'd export content type and content. Here's how:

couldn't do the second of these tutorials as it was written in 2012 and I think things have changed.

Here's what I did to restore:

  1. Downloaded the database (for backup)
  2. downloaded all files (for backup)
  3. downloaded the new drupal
  4. uploaded all new drupal files (replacing old files)
  5. done
It was a while ago I did this so I'm not entirely sure but try this first next time.

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adding javascript to a template

Whilst making templates in Joomla I am always wanting to add a little javascript here and there but always hitting a brick wall. What usually seems to happen is that the script, or another on the page doesn't seem to run.

Looking into it it looks like it is to do with how it is loaded. It looks like you cannot have mutliple scripts using the on page load command. It only runs once and probably on the first occurance, maybe the last?

Looking at Joomla specifically, I found the official article on how to add inline and external javascripts. I'm going to try this out before investingating anything else.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Jquery slideshow with php

So I'm going to make a jquery slideshow into a joomla website. Should be interesting.

Here's a good start