Thursday, 30 May 2013

Google Chrome downloads are invisible to Finder on OS X

For some reason whenever I download a file using Google Chrome on OS X I cannot see the file in the downloads folder. The only thing I've done is changed the default download folder to another location. I have noticed that the file is actually there using the 'ls' in terminal. Also, I can open the file from within Google Chrome.

Very odd, but I've had a look into it and found the hidden chflag which hides files from the finder. It's used so that people don't see and interfere with files they're not ment to.

A quick fix (but which I don't like) is to make all hidden files viewable from Finder. To do this open terminal and type:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

It's very ugly because all I want to do is see the downloads which are hidden, not every file. They're made invisible for a reason.

Looking more into it, it turns out that files can be flagged up as 'hidden'. This makes them invisible. So to make files hidden or not hidden in terminal you type:
chflags nohidden afilethatishiddenforexample.txt

or to make it hidden again:
chflags nohidden afilethatisnothiddenforexample.txt

Think I'll just have to log out and back in again to fix Google Chrome properly.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

watermarking photos in Aperture 2

Well, it could have been easier. Found a good tutorial here.

Simply put, you just have to make a picture file of the watermark you want on your images. Then, go to Aperture > Presets > Export and it's down the bottom.

Then when you export versions, it puts the watermark image on.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Joomla and google maps

Just adding a location page. Best thing is to put google maps in. Turns out there are lots of Joomla extensions for this.

I've just tried Googlemaps plugin. Worked brilliantly! Lots and lots of settings you can use as well. A nice tutorial here. Just use {mosmap} in an article!

Found this article with describes all the parameters you can put in.

I ended up using this:

{mosmap width='800px'|lat='53.264392'|lon='-1.440947'|zoom='15'|zoomType='Large'|zoomNew='1'|mapType='Hybrid'|showMaptype='1'|dir='5'|
Chesterfield Panthers RUFC, 2012 Dunston Road, Chesterfield

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Events Calendar for Joomla

So I want to put a page up where you can see what events there are.

I found this very good plugin called Scheduler. Works beautifully but is limited in one specific way. You can't seem to put it along side an article. To view the calendar you have to click the specific menu for it. I found a couple of forums here but mentioned again here concludes its' very hard to do (if impossible).

JEvents isn't working too well and I might just give up on it after 10 mins (I"m too impatient).

Might just stick to making articles which expire after so long, and just have them in a list ordered by expiry date

Contact forms in Joomla and loading modules inside of articles

So I'm wanting to put a contact form up on a page in Joomla in the main content area. The easiest way looks to involve installing a plugin.

Found this free plugin called Rapid Contact. Once installed it is a module.

To load the module up where the main content should go require a little tweaking. Found this article on it.

Basically you make an article which contains a module position:

{loadposition testposition1}

Make a menu item which loads this article.

Then you make the module have the position "testposition1" and make sure it's loaded with the right menus item.


Just found an even better alternative with Joomla 3. Here's the tutorial. Basically:

  1. Create a Contact and make sure the contact form is set to Show.
  2. Create a menu item to link to that contact!