Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Contact forms in Joomla and loading modules inside of articles

So I'm wanting to put a contact form up on a page in Joomla in the main content area. The easiest way looks to involve installing a plugin.

Found this free plugin called Rapid Contact. Once installed it is a module.

To load the module up where the main content should go require a little tweaking. Found this article on it.

Basically you make an article which contains a module position:

{loadposition testposition1}

Make a menu item which loads this article.

Then you make the module have the position "testposition1" and make sure it's loaded with the right menus item.


Just found an even better alternative with Joomla 3. Here's the tutorial. Basically:

  1. Create a Contact and make sure the contact form is set to Show.
  2. Create a menu item to link to that contact!

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