Friday, 27 January 2012

Apple Remote Desktop Task Server trouble

Just after rebooting the xserver I noticed an error in the logs made by ARDAgent:

Jan 27 14:20:19 Xserve ARDAgent[460]: Bind error on TCP port 3283.  Error number: 48 Address already in use

Looking at remote desktop on my machine I noticed it was having trouble communicating with the task server. I tried restarting the ARD service to no avail.

I looked through some more logs as it appeared that something else had taken that port. The only logical things would have been iChat and another VNC service running. I checked IChat out and it wasn't running. I did find another log entry just after reboot, but before the ARD error which was registered to OSXVNC. Sure enough this was running. I shut down the service and made sure it wasn't starting up any more at startup.

As soon as this was done the task server was back up!

Xserver OS X 10.4.11 no ping

We've been having this problem where the server doesn't return a ping for some time. The work around is to simply unplug the network cable and plug it back in. I have noticed on two occasions (I didn't check the other occasions) that in the system log:

Jan 27 14:38:44 Xserve servermgrd: servermgr_dns: no name available via DNS for
Jan 27 14:38:44 Xserve servermgrd: servermgr_dns: no reverse DNS entry for server, various services may not function properly
Jan 27 14:38:44 Xserve servermgrd: servermgr_dns: gethostname() doesn't match the configured name - use changeip to repair

It might be worth running this "changeip"

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

OS X 10.6.6 Printer Queues won't open

After trialing the UniFlow MacClient popup (not currently working though) I noticed that when a print job was sent to a queue the little printer icon would not appear on the dock. I did notice it on local logins but my login is from Active Directory.

After a little investigation it was noticed that the printers in my ~/Library/Printers I was getting a large list of duplicate printer names:

This was a permissions issue. I made a symlink to a local folder:
ln -s /Users/Shared/localPrinterFolder ~/Library/

I logged out and back in and printers were opening like a dream.

Monday, 23 January 2012

JQuery sliders to control image sizes on a webpage

I'm currently making a web gallery and want users to be able to resize the gallery to their needs. I did a quick search on Google and found this: which has this as a demo:

Looks quite good, although I noticed it also increases the gaps between the images which I would prefer to control. But might be worth tweaking!

I've had another look and also found this which looks remarkably similar:

It gives a nice little tutorial on what you have to do.

Monday, 16 January 2012

HP ZR24w blank black screen

Just seen a nice HP ZR24w screen which is just showing black. The on light is always on and won't switch off unless it is unplugged. As soon as you plug it back in again the light comes straight back on.

A strange thing happens when you turn it off. For an instant, it displays whatever it is suppose to display, in this case the computers desktop.

After a little searching on the internet I found this forum which describes all the mentioned symptoms. The only solutions anyone has is to send it back.

Fair enough.

An Update......

Rang Jigsaw from whom we bought it, they said ring HP. Rung HP and they sorted it out next day! I was very impressed! (they just replaced the monitor)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Changing the printing defaults to print in Black and White - CUPS vs plist mcx

I need to change the defaults for all printers to print to black and white unless the user wants to change it. I found this post which describes editing presets and using the last preset.

It also describes using CUPS  which does have a command line utility. I do love the http://localhost:631/ interface though! To change the defaults of the printer using this, simply:

  1. Go to http://localhost:631/ in a web browser
  2. Click "Printers" tab at the top left
  3. Click the printer you want to change the preferences for
  4. Change:
    1.  "Administration" to "Set Default Options"
  5. For the Dell Colour Laserjet 3110:
    1. Click "Print Quality Colour"
    2. Under "Output Colour" change "Colour" to "Black"
To change the Default to Black for the Dell Colour Laser 3110 you could alternatively:
  1. Go to folder /etc/cups/ppd/
  2. edit the nameofprinter.ppd
  3. edit the line:
    1. *DefaultDLColorMode: Color
  4. change to
    1. *DefaultDLColorMode: Black
Done. You just have to find the right line and syntax for all the other types of printers you manage
    For not using CUPS, and changing things through plist files and Workgroup Manager, you have to :

    1. Set a preset up in the GUI. I called mine "Black and White"
    2. Load up Workgroup manager and import the file
    3. I deleted all the other presets I had in this file
    4. I changed the section to "Black and White"
    5. Also to change the section and change a number so it uses the new preset you've just made. (note - I couldn't find this in the plist file!)

    Tuesday, 3 January 2012

    PaperCut print quotas for staff and students on different domains

    We're now implementing a print quota for both Students and Staff. The only real issue we have come across is how to seperate the staff from the students.

    We initially had the system so that whenever anyone printed to the system, it would add their account to PaperCut, setting their credit to £2.00 and limiting them to that quota. For staff we simply went through the list and unticked "limit account".

    Now we are giving students £1.00 per week and Staff £2.00 per week. It was a while ago so I can't remember specifically, but I remember having to set up a group in the staff domain with staff members from the department in, and a group in the student domain which had the group in the staff domain in it. I think this was because with PaperCut NG you couldn't import groups from different domains.

    I didn't have access to staff domain to add new members so computer services have added me as some sort of read/write user. I am writing here how I can add members to the group so as to not forget:

    1. Load up outlook
    2. search for users and groups
    3. Open ArtDesignStaff group
    4. Modify Members
    5. Then click the Add button

    Now, every week I simply:

    1. Click Bulk User Actions
    2. Click:
      1. All Users
      2. Whose balance is less than £1.00
      3. Set credit to
      4. £1.00
      5. Apply
    3. Click Bulk User Actions
    4. Click:
      1. ArtStaffPrintList
      2. Whose balance is less than £1.00
      3. Set credit to
      4. £2.00
      5. Apply
    It appears that PaperCut does update the groups. I checked it 18 hours later (the next day) and the new users were registered as being in the ArtStaffPrintList group.