Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Changing the printing defaults to print in Black and White - CUPS vs plist mcx

I need to change the defaults for all printers to print to black and white unless the user wants to change it. I found this post which describes editing presets and using the last preset.

It also describes using CUPS  which does have a command line utility. I do love the http://localhost:631/ interface though! To change the defaults of the printer using this, simply:

  1. Go to http://localhost:631/ in a web browser
  2. Click "Printers" tab at the top left
  3. Click the printer you want to change the preferences for
  4. Change:
    1.  "Administration" to "Set Default Options"
  5. For the Dell Colour Laserjet 3110:
    1. Click "Print Quality Colour"
    2. Under "Output Colour" change "Colour" to "Black"
To change the Default to Black for the Dell Colour Laser 3110 you could alternatively:
  1. Go to folder /etc/cups/ppd/
  2. edit the nameofprinter.ppd
  3. edit the line:
    1. *DefaultDLColorMode: Color
  4. change to
    1. *DefaultDLColorMode: Black
Done. You just have to find the right line and syntax for all the other types of printers you manage
    For not using CUPS, and changing things through plist files and Workgroup Manager, you have to :

    1. Set a preset up in the GUI. I called mine "Black and White"
    2. Load up Workgroup manager and import the file
    3. I deleted all the other presets I had in this file
    4. I changed the section to "Black and White"
    5. Also to change the section and change a number so it uses the new preset you've just made. (note - I couldn't find this in the plist file!)

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