Friday, 27 January 2012

Apple Remote Desktop Task Server trouble

Just after rebooting the xserver I noticed an error in the logs made by ARDAgent:

Jan 27 14:20:19 Xserve ARDAgent[460]: Bind error on TCP port 3283.  Error number: 48 Address already in use

Looking at remote desktop on my machine I noticed it was having trouble communicating with the task server. I tried restarting the ARD service to no avail.

I looked through some more logs as it appeared that something else had taken that port. The only logical things would have been iChat and another VNC service running. I checked IChat out and it wasn't running. I did find another log entry just after reboot, but before the ARD error which was registered to OSXVNC. Sure enough this was running. I shut down the service and made sure it wasn't starting up any more at startup.

As soon as this was done the task server was back up!

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