Tuesday, 3 January 2012

PaperCut print quotas for staff and students on different domains

We're now implementing a print quota for both Students and Staff. The only real issue we have come across is how to seperate the staff from the students.

We initially had the system so that whenever anyone printed to the system, it would add their account to PaperCut, setting their credit to £2.00 and limiting them to that quota. For staff we simply went through the list and unticked "limit account".

Now we are giving students £1.00 per week and Staff £2.00 per week. It was a while ago so I can't remember specifically, but I remember having to set up a group in the staff domain with staff members from the department in, and a group in the student domain which had the group in the staff domain in it. I think this was because with PaperCut NG you couldn't import groups from different domains.

I didn't have access to staff domain to add new members so computer services have added me as some sort of read/write user. I am writing here how I can add members to the group so as to not forget:

  1. Load up outlook
  2. search for users and groups
  3. Open ArtDesignStaff group
  4. Modify Members
  5. Then click the Add button

Now, every week I simply:

  1. Click Bulk User Actions
  2. Click:
    1. All Users
    2. Whose balance is less than £1.00
    3. Set credit to
    4. £1.00
    5. Apply
  3. Click Bulk User Actions
  4. Click:
    1. ArtStaffPrintList
    2. Whose balance is less than £1.00
    3. Set credit to
    4. £2.00
    5. Apply
It appears that PaperCut does update the groups. I checked it 18 hours later (the next day) and the new users were registered as being in the ArtStaffPrintList group.


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