Monday, 22 March 2010

OS X DVD region code

On new apple macs the dvd region needs to be initialised. This is generally difficult and it would be easier if the user could initialise it without the admin password. This can be done. The information is stored in "/etc/authorization"

Specifically the section corrisponding to:

Used by the DVD player to set the region code the first time. Note that changing the region code after it has been set requires a different right (system.device.dvd.setregion.change).

Changing the "user' string to "allow" lets the user initialise the dvd region (but not change it thereafter). A little hard to get a script to change this value as it is not a plist file, but you can copy a changed file to other computers through ARD (apple remote desktop).

Found on a forum:

Friday, 19 March 2010

MacBook Pro Sysprep

Well, it's been a while since I last ran sysprep so this is a quick refresher.

First, you can find the files on the XP install cd under "Support\Tools\". Extract the cab file to the C:\ in a folder you want the files to be.

Run "Setupmgr", this will make an answer file "sysprep.inf" which sysprep uses.

Go through the wizard clicking on "sysprep" option, and "not fully automated", then go through it and put in all the details that will apply to the computers you will be putting it on.

Once the file is generated, run "sysprep" from the same directory as the inf file and tick "use minisetup" and "Detect non-plug and play hardware" so that there is potential for different hardware.

Finally click on "reseal" and the computer will shutdown. Now you can image it!!

Yay, I hope this helps

worth mentioning is the not so comprehensive information on it (typical of microsoft);en-us;302577#7;en-us;302577