Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Canon LiDE 60 on OS X 10.6.6 and Active Directory probs

So, after installing the scanner (heres the notes) I then thought all would be fine. It turns out that students logging in through active directory would not be able to scan. It would not provide a preview of what was in the scanner, nor would it let you press the scan button.

On looking in the logs I found this entry:
28/03/2012 12:56:47 /System/Library/CoreServices/coreservicesd[48] removing dropped transaction for -114,_mac_bind/Library/Preferences/CanoScan LiDE 60/~SGCheck.tmp

It appears the program cannot gain the right access privilages to this folder, as it is on a Windows SMB share (I think) through active directory.

On trying to create an alias to this using OS X finder I saw this error:
28/03/2012 13:02:29 kernel smb_maperr32: no direct map for 32 bit server error (0xc0000279)

As I have NHR installed, which redirects certain folders, I thought I'd try and redirect this /Library/Preferences/CanoScan LiDE 60/ folder.

After redirecting it to the local drive, I found it still not working. I found another error:

3/28/12 1:07:52 PM /System/Library/Image Capture/Devices/[4423] Allocator race detected: transaction is not verified for -114/2 - _mac_bind/Library/Preferences/~SGCheck.tmp
3/28/12 1:07:55 PM /System/Library/CoreServices/coreservicesd[48] removing dropped transaction for -114,_mac_bind/Library/Preferences/~SGCheck.tmp
3/28/12 1:07:59 PM /System/Library/CoreServices/coreservicesd[48] removing dropped transaction for -114,_mac_bind/Library/Preferences/~SGCheck.tmp
3/28/12 1:07:59 PM /System/Library/CoreServices/coreservicesd[48] removing dropped transaction for -114,_mac_bind/Library/Preferences/~SGRot.tmp

It looks like it needs to write two files to the ~/Library/Preferences folder:

I regigged the LIclean.hook to delete the Preferences folder, create it in the tmp folder on the local drive, and to create a symlink in the users Library folder.

Having done this, it worked like a dream. I would preferably have it so that it just had a symlink to these files it needs, but they are probably deleted as soon as they're not needed any more, and that would be the end of the symlink until the next login.

Anyway, for reference, here are the lines I added to the LIclean.hook file:
rm -rf "$home_loc"/Library/Preferences
mkdir /tmp/$1/Preferences
ln -s /tmp/$1/Preferences/ "$home_loc"/Library/Preferences

Thinking about it I'll also need to sort the LOcleanupclean.hook file. Here's what I need to add:
rm -rf "$home_loc"/Library/Preferences

Thats a good days work.

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