Thursday, 1 March 2012

Chesterfield Panthers Rugby Club move

So, we're making the website and the design's looking good, but I think we need an idea of a site map.

Here's a nice little list of what information they want to show:

  1. An introduction to what is happening (they're moving)
  2. Some pictures of the new site
  3. Lots of plans of the new site
    1. Seperated into different builds and different facilities
  4. Another brick in the wall (buy a brick)
  5. Whats happening to the old site
  6. News on little things that are happening
  7. thorough contact details
    1. seperate into who to contact for what
  8. login page to add/change website content
  9. email login page for members to check emails
  10. Link to rugby club website
  11. Sponsors page
    1. could go into more detail about what each sponsor is providing
  12. Timeline with dates
  13. Events (could be tied into timeline and news)
I'm probably forgetting things, so I'll ask tomorrow.

So, just need to organise this list into categories and sub-categories:
  • Home Page (contains introduction and latest news clippings)
  • The Move (contains an overall picture)
    • Links to specific parts of the new site (different facilities)
    • Pictures of the new build as it's happening
    • Timeline
    • The old site
      • perhaps a tribute to the old site, some history
      • plans on the old site
  • News (all the news items in a big chronological list)
  • Sponsors Page (tiled with all the sponsors)
    • Click on each sponsor for more details and link to their website
    • Some info on how to add your company to the list
  • Contact section
    • fill in a form
    • email details
    • phone details
    • address details
  • Another brick in the wall - buy a brick
    • put a link to contact incase someone wants to do more then buy bricks
I'll add and change this as it evolves. Might invite phil to edit it too?

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