Sunday, 26 February 2012

Joomla free Image Gallery and slideshows

So, thought I'd look into image galleries in Joomla.

Found a few free extensions. The one I ended up trying was "Simple Image Gallery" because I wanted to try the 'low' end first and see how easy it was.

So, also found this page which is the simple instructions:

  1. download and install plugin
  2. enable plugin (wasn't written in the instructions but I worked it out)
  3. create a folder in "images" folder using Media Manager
  4. Put your images in here
  5. Make a new article
  6. somewhere in the article put :
    1. {gallery}name_of_your_folder{/gallery}
    2. it has to be curly brackets!
  7. done
Quite simple really.

I notice they do a pro version as well. Looks like the pro is better, having descriptions and different styles. I'll have to look into how to do this.

Phoco Gallery looks like a good alternative, and has slideshow capabilities

Just seen this site version of it which:
  • Phoca templates
  • Phoca extensions
  • VirtueMart extensions
  • Phoca Theme for VirtueMart (software extensions for CMS Joomla!)
 Looks amazing!!

As for slideshows, found DJ ImageSlider which looks and works brilliantly. It has its' own slide management system with slides and categories, but also includes a custom module!! Brilliant

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