Monday, 20 February 2012

Uploading/transferring joomla

So I want to make a joomla site, but I use multiple jam-a-lam jazzy jeff stuff, yeh?? is you dizzy blood?!!

cannot believe how hot it is ya know! like 16 degrees yeh on wednesday!! gonn be real hot and sweatey wagwan, so get ya tshirts on and in the pool bitches! :D

So I found this wiki based on joomla 1.5. I shall read sometime.

So there are basically two ways:

  1. manually uploading files and database
    1. Copy joomla folder up to server via ftp
    2. using myphpadmin on local machine export database
    3. somehow import database into server php?
    4. edit the configuration php file and change details
  2. using akeeba
    1. backup joomla using the akeeba extension
    2. I assume you upload a joomla site and import this jpa file somehow
    3. Here's their quickstart guide which looks VERY helpful.
So I did it!!

  1. I backed up using akeeba
    1. I downloaded the backup file
    2. upload the backup file to the new server root
  2. on the new server make sure there is a database ready
  3. I used akeeba kickstart to restore!!
    1. heres some documentation (very helpful)
    2. download kickstart
    3. unzip
    4. put kickstart.php and en.ini file in root of server
    5. goto the webaddress
    6. go through the wizard
  4. Done

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