Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Printing cost for the Epson Stylus Pro 7600 on A1+ Roll of Luster paper

We're going to start charging per page for the use of the Epson Stylus Pro 7600. I've been asked to work out the cost. So I've found this webpage which describes the costs in $'s per ft squared inc media! So a little conversion is necessary:

Premium Luster - $1.22 per ft squared

1ft squared = 30.49cm squared

A1+ = 91.4cm x 61.55cm = 5625.67cm squared
A2 on A1+ = 61.55cm x 42cm = 
2 x A3 on A1+ = 61.55cm x 42cm
2 x A4 on A1+ = 61.55cm x 21cm

Scrap that.

Just found that Derby University have a Printing Bureau, and have prices showing how much they charge on a pdf document.

They charge £15 for an A1 print. As a rough estimate they must double the cost for overheads and a small profit.

A1 = £7

What I was thinking was charging for the whole length:

Basically just estimated the rest.

If the student brings in their own paper, we will simply cut the price in half. So:

A1 = £3.50
A2 = £1.75
A3 = £0.80
A4 = £0.40

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