Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Joomla notes

Thought I'd best take some notes because I might just forget how I ever did it. So:

  • Make a module for everything you want to place on the page, with exception to the articles
    • Theres a Banner module
    • theres a search module
    • theres a menu module
    • etc
  • These modules require you to designate them a position. This is set out in the template you are using. If you change template you'll have to change all the position. (there always named differently)
  • To view the positions, I found this forum. Basically in templates, go to options, switch on "preview positions" then whereever you are on the actual site, just put "?tp=1" without the speech-marks.
  • When in the menu manager you can assign different menus to different modules. I think this is so you can have a few different menus for different areas. All you'd have to do is make another menu module and put that in a different position.
  • To edit a templates stuff, I saw on a tutorial that there are lots of options which come with every template. I couldn't find these with Beez template, but with all you can edit the html, and also the css. So it's totally changeable!
I shall add to this list of useful hints over time.

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