Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Scanning using HP Scan 2.4.4 and HP Scanjet 4370

In ‘Finder’ go to Applications > Hewlett-Packard > HP Scan

The first time you run the software, it will ask you which scanner to use.

1. Choose the scanner and press Continue

2. Choose the most relevant option
3. Click Scan

4. Select the most relevant
5. Check the resolution (more than 300dpi if you are enlarging your image)
6. Click Save

1 comment:

  1. Any ideas on how to just get the Original saved, rather than the Output version? No matter how I adjust the image it always looks different from the Original.

    I've tried unchecking every option in the profile before scanning. I've tried almost every combo of Adjustments that can be made. I'm not a photo geek, I just want what I seen on the paper to appear on the screen. The Original version looks great, but the Output version is horrible.

    Any ideas?