Thursday, 1 September 2011

Setting Ignore ownership on this volume from Command Line ARD

I have a lot of computers, all with a separate volume for storage of files, mostly for Video editing storage. After re-imaging them all I need to set the other volume, which is named "Scratch Disk" so that it does not have any permissions, as it causes issues when groups of students use the same files.

This is a little tick box in the 'Get Info' box for that volume in the Finder. But to do it on all these macs would not be economical with my time. So the best thing to do would be to find the command line argument for it, and use Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) to send this command to all the computers.

After a quick search I found this article by apple explaining how to do the opposite; "do not ignore ownership on this volume". To do this the code was:

sudo vsdbutil -a /Volumes/NewHD/
I did a quick man on this "vsdbutil" and found the argument I was looking for -d. So the actual line to use is:
sudo vsdbutil -d /Volumes/Scratch\ Disk/
notice the "\" character just after the word "Scratch", which denotes that there is a space after it. Of course I run the command line as a root user so no need to have the "sudo" at the front.

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