Wednesday, 14 September 2011

iPhoto '11 (version 9) library's volume is unsupported

After recently updating the OS and iLife to 10.6.6 and iLife '11 I've found that for networked users (using Active Directory hosted on Windows servers) this message appeared:

The library could not be opened because the file system of the library's volume is unsupported

It became apparent that the new version of iPhoto does not support photo library's on this type of networked volume. I have now found it to encompass any type of volume which is not 'Mac OS Extended (Journaled)'.

I found quite a few postings on the subject, but most were concerned with NAS storage backup stuff, for which a few solutions were posted, but nothing relating to Active Directory windows servers stuff. But, at last, after a few more minutes I came across this post by PJ_AU down the bottom:
  1. Simply double click on the iphoto library located in the Pictures folder.
This opens it up in iPhoto, and iPhoto does not check the volume it is on.

For new users:
  1. 'Alt' click on the iPhoto icon in the dock (this opens iPhoto prompting for a library)
  2. Create a new iPhoto Library on the local Mac OS Extended (Journaled) volume
  3. Close iPhoto
  4. Move the Library to the networked (or unsupported) volume
  5. Double click it to open it in iPhoto
From then on iPhoto does not check the volume the library is on. It ONLY checks the volume when creating or updating the iPhoto Library.


  1. You are a Hero !
    just upgraded ILife 09 to 11 and had same issue, as my Libary is on a NAS.

  2. Thank you most appreciated. Worked a treat