Friday, 23 September 2011

Installing Wacom Intuos 4 drivers through Apple Remote Desktop

A student brought in his Wacom Intuos 4 graphics tablet which I promptly installed on one of the computers, using the provided CD. They do all have Bamboo drivers, but it is slightly different for Intuos 4. I promptly found the .pkg file on the disk, which is in the "Program Files" folder on the CD.

I put this in Apple Remote Desktop for install and tested it on another mac. It came up with an error:
Error message: "Running Package Scripts..."

the "..." assumes that this might just be the extra little bits at the end of the installation. On looking on the computer it appeared to have installed the preference pane so I was pretty happy. Not sure what these extra "scripts" are but they might be for just removing files and such, hopefully nothing too important.

I later ran the install through the task server, to install on all in the computer suite. I expected the error which actually came up as:
Completed but failed on one package: "Install Wacom Tablet"

Anyway, I shall have a proper look later to see if it's worked as expected.


  1. I'm hoping you found a resolution to this issue, as I'm currently dealing with the same issue for rolling out the CTH-460 (package name - Install Pen Tablet.pkg) as well as rolling out the Graphire4 - CTE-440 (package name - Install Bamboo.pkg)

    For both of these installs, I get the same error message. "Could not be installed. Error message: "Running package scripts...".

    If I install these locally, they install without issue. Not sure what the problem is considering I have full admin rights to both ARD and the local workstation. Need help.

    1. Hi Michael, from what I can remember I think even though I got the error message, everything installed and the Tablet worked fine.

      My conclusion was that the error message popped up because the script didn't return a '0' or something, making ARD think it hadn't worked, when actually it had. Or alternatively, maybe some 'post-install scripts' had failed, but they might have been just to clear up the install files, so it actually installed fine.

      I wouldn't mind knowing if you've tested the tablets after this error message?