Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Microtek ScanMaker 8700, ScanWizard Pro and OS X 10.6

After upgrading all the machines to 10.6.6, ScanWizard Pro 7.20 kept coming up with an "error -1" when the application was loaded up, and also an "error -30000" when we tried to initiate a scan. It obviously wasn't made for 10.6.

I updated to ScanWizard 7.62, but this couldn't find the ScanMaker 8700. It actually appeared in the scanner probe but wouldn't let you click on it. Quite frustrating!

So, I did a quick search for the problem and found this article by Microtek. They've got a work-around:

  1. Download and install ScanWizard 5
  2. Download and install the ScanMaker 8700 specific driver
It has to be done in this order for some reason. I also removed ScanWizard Pro 7 so there wouldn't be any confusion.

I also revised the tutorial on how to use the software. I'll put it on my next post


  1. Thanks! I found an 8700 being tossed (what a rich country) and you helped me get it going for 10.4 on my blue and white!

  2. Thank you so much! This was a tremendous help.

  3. thank you a ton!

  4. THANK YOU!!!!

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  6. On high Sierra (Mac os 10.13) VueScan does the job if I connect it via FireWire cable. It's a bit better than a basic 1200 dpi Printerscanner, but not very much