Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fixing iPhoto '11 library on "unsupported Volume"

I make a little application to fix all the little problems we have a the college, and one of the new problems which has come up is this iPhoto not supporting library's on non - hfs+ journaled volumes. If you load iPhoto and it either; detects your iPhoto Library needs updating, or it wants to create a new library, it will check the type of volume it is saved on.

A work around for this problem I posted here, which involves moving or creating an iPhoto Library on a HFS+ Journaled volume, letting iPhoto update it if it needs it. Then closing iPhoto, move the library to the volume you want it, double clicking it to load it up in iPhoto.

iPhoto only checks the volume in these two circumstances and does not (at the moment) check any other time. So once a library is updated then you will be able to use it forever afterwards with no error.

I wanted to create an Application which did this process for you. The exact process would be:

  1. Ask the user whether or not to go ahead with the fix
  2. look for the location of the iPhoto Library, or whether there is one
  3. If there is one, move the current one to the Users/Shared folder
    1. open iPhoto with this one so that iPhoto can update it
    2. close iPhoto
    3. move library to ~/Library/Pictures/
  4. If there was not an old one, then copy a previously made one from secret place to ~/Library/Pictures/
  5. Open iPhoto with this iPhoto Library or set this library as the default.

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