Thursday, 12 April 2012

MacBook Pro Trackpad "not working properly" in Windows XP

Whenever I reimage MacBook Pro's with Windows XP I always have the same problem with the trackpad.

When you boot up, the trackpad does not function. Logging in and going to device manager you see that there is an exclamation mark over the trackpad. It simply says something like:

This device is not working properly. Error 16

Uninstalling, reinstalling, disabling, enabling does not fix it.

I reinstalled Bootcamp 3.0 drivers which did not help.

I found this forum quite interesting. Seems to mention about uninstalling some Windows Apple things in "Add/Remove Programs". But I didn't try this.

I next updated to Bootcamp 3.1 drivers and rebooted. Worked a treat!

Update - 24/09/2012

Well, just reimaged a macbook pro and the same problem occurred. Installed Bootcamp 3.1 and it didn't work!

Finally had a look at the forum mentioned above and the solution they gave worked. More specifically:

  1. go to Device Manager and update the driver for the trackpad.
  2. click "No, not this time" for internet update.
  3. Click, "install from a list or specific location".
  4. click, "Don't search, I will choose a driver to install"
  5. Choose the generic driver.
  6. Click finish
The trackpad starts to work but no multitouch facilities. This is the point you install/reinstall bootcamp 3 and 3.1.

After this it works a treat.

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