Friday, 20 April 2012

Deploying Maya 2012 and Backburner

So, I want to set up a nice little render farm, and so need all machines to have the software on. First things first, deployment.

I had a look at the Maya install dmg and found that the initial application is not a pkg file. But fortunately, inside the package contents:
/Volumes/Maya/Install\ Maya\

  • Maya2012.mpkg
  • Additional Items
    • ADC_docs6.0.pkg
    • AdLM_standalone.mpkg
    • AutodeskBackburner2012.mpkg
    • AutodeskDirectConnect6.0.pkg
    • AutodeskUninstaller.pkg
    • Composite2012.pkg
    • CraftDirectorStudioMaya2012.dmg
    • Maya_quicktime_components.pkg
    • autodesk.backburner.monitor-2012.0_423_i386.pkg
    • autodesk.webentry-1.0-603.i386.pkg
    • backburner-2012.0_1560_i386.pkg
    • dmmPluginForMaya2012x64.pkg
All I did was to highlight all these files and have Apple Remote Desktop install them for me, minus "CraftDirectorStudioMaya2012.dmg" which I am don't think I need.

On going to the computer I tested this process on, I found that a user was already logged on and a message saying:
a certain process needed "Rosetta" installing should I do so?

I clicked yes and forgot to read which Application it was. Looking in the logs I found:
20/04/2012 11:44:06[1050] 11:44:06CoreServicesUIAgent[1050] : Application failed to launch (id = aksusbd, version = Unknown reason = kLSNoRosettaEnvironmentErr)

It was this "aksusbd" which needed it.

I also found in the logs that the install process tries to start backburner and comes up with the same error message I came up with here:
/usr/discreet/backburner/backburner: line 64: syntax error: unexpected end of file

I can fix this simply by copying the fixed version of the backburner file

just found this update for backburner. Found on this page

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