Friday, 13 April 2012

Moving a site to Joomla

So, here I am moving to Joomla. I thought I'd best keep notes so I don't loose where I am when I finally give up for the day.

So far I have downloaded and installed the latest Joomla - 2.5.4 on the home machine and put it in the folder - /WallSpaceVisualArts/

I've ran the setup wizard:
  1. The admin user is me with my usual password.
  2. The sites database is - wallspacevisualarts  (all lowercase). Admin for this is root. My own password.
  3. I didn't install the sample data set.
The plan is relatively simple. I put the whole website on there, minus the content that can change. For the moment the only content that is changing is the tabulated text in the tabs. These can be articles which are always shown.

I want to eventually make the pictures an article also, but this would require much more work.

Here's the plan in chronological order (or maybe not so chronological):

  1. get the documentation to know how to make a template
    1. here it is
  2. take out the css and put in a file
    1. I called the file "main.css" in the css folder
  3. make the template files and folders
    1. made the root /Joomla Website/Templates
    2. made one inside called /WallSpaceVersion1/
    3. Made /css/ and /images folders
    4. made templateDetails.xml
      1. copied all info from link above and made it relevent
    5. made index.php
  4. move ALL images into "images" directory
    1. moved images from "assets" directory to "images" directory
    2. change any mention of "assets" with "images"
  5. Change the way the tabs work so that they are called "tab1" and the information attached to each tab is called "tab1_info" to make more universal.
  6. re-write the templateDetails.xml to encompass all the files used
    1. if you declare a folder, do you need to declare the files in that folder?
      1. looking at atomic's templateDetails.xml, they just put the files in the root folder
      2. I think you just declare the files that you want to be editable
  7. put the right bits of code in the right places
  8. delete text
  9. replace text with relevent code which brings up articles
    1. Just found this article about Jdoc statements. It will hopefully work nicely
    2. So, having looked into it, I found that what I actually wanted was to make each article a "Custom HTML" module. Each of these modules is then assigned a position in the page
      1. Here's an example of what I put in the html code:
        1. <jdoc:include type="modules" name="menu1" />
        2. and for the module I assigned it to position "menu1.
        3. don't forget to declare the menu1 in the templateDetails.xml document
  10. make into template
  11. put in joomla
    1. had a little trouble with this. It turns out the "discover" button doesn't work well. The template turned up in "templates" tab but not in "styles" tab! Had to zip it and install it!
  12. test
    1. with initial testing, the images didn't appear
      1. here's the code that I eventually used to link pictures placed in the template:
      2. basically, where-ever you have
        1. ="location.jpg" you replace with:
        2. ="baseurl; ?>/templates/location.jpg
  13. make johns login
  14. make a space for it in index.php and declare it in templateDetails.xml
  15. upgrade account to Home Pro
  16. make database on Daily (limited to 20 databases)
    1. described it as "wallspacevisualarts"
    2. db name is wallsp_1
    3. To get on the database, you can go to
      1. it runs on phpmyadmin
    4. normal password
  17. backup joomla on home machine
  18. backup old website on daily server
  19. restore on daily server
  20. give him a tutorial

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