Friday, 25 November 2011

Illustrator Can't Locate the Startup Proiles

A tutor was having trouble on her machine. Whenever she loaded up illustrator it would come up with this error message:

Can't locate the Startup Profiles. Please try after installing illustrator again.
Illustrator will now attempt to create a default document

I noticed that it also happened on any networked login, but not local logins.

Her machine was a little different then the typical set up. I had enabled "Force Local Home" on the active directory accounts.

After a bit of investigation I eventually ruled it down to NHR. I had just installed it on all machines (see how I fixed NHR) including hers (even though it didn't actually need it). I found that the directories inside - ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe were symbolic links and the "Force Local Home" option didn't work with this very well (I don't know why though).

Anyway, as the NHR thing fixes the problems she was having with her networked home, I've just unticked the "Force Local Home" on Active Directory accounts.

I also had this problem with another machine and to fix it I removed NHR from the file:

sudo defaults delete LoginHook
sudo defaults delete LogoutHook

It basically means it doesn't load at login or logout.

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  1. I've started having this trouble again, but with Active Directory logins in the computer suites. These computers do not have "force local homes" ticked, and are totally on the network.

    The only way I've fixed it is to uninstall NHR and then re-install it. One problem might be that I also have other login scripts, mainly the new "Sendlogon" script which I have put in the /etc/Hooks directory. I don't know if this is related to me adding this script into the Hooks directory?