Friday, 11 November 2011

Final Cut Pro Log and Transfer not recognising Sony XDCAM

After reimaging most of the Macs in the Department I forgot to install the Sony XDCAM plugin for Final Cut Pro. As a result when you plug the XDCAM in the Log and Transfer util in FCP doesn't show anything.
Log and Capture not showing anything when Sony XDCAM plugged in

I installed it on one mac and it worked great quite a while ago, but forgot to add the install file to the server for future reference.

I downloaded it again (Version 2.12) from some sony website (they have lots!!) and the camera didn't show up. I updated all the software and firmware and nothing changed.

Finally I searched for it again and kept coming across version 1.2. I installed this and it worked a treat.

My conclusion: that this version 2.12 doesn't work, or maybe irrelevent? Anyway, install version 1.2 and all should be good.

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