Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Deploying Canon EOS 230M stuff on Mac OS X using Iceberg

So we have some lovely HD SL Cameras from Canon. Some sort of EOS model. Very nice. It comes with some software which you need to use these cameras with OS X. Unfortunately Canon neglected to use Apples standard package installer concept and made there own (or bought one it). So I've now got to find a way to put this software on all the machines.

There are two simple ways:

  1. would be to simply copy these applications to other computers.
  2. Would be to utilise the "Record" facility in the Application "Package Maker" which would hopefully record the files and scripts that the Canon install program performed. (Can't find a copy of Package Maker though!)
Having tried number 1. it looks like it's worked alright. So next is to make a pkg file which puts these apps in the Applications folder. I shall refer to a previous post here how I made a pkg file which installed "fix everything please" and sendlogon.

So, here's how I did it:

  1. I used a free Application called Iceberg
  2. Made a new project and created a nice little folder for the project
  3. Entered the standard details for the Settings
    1. I put Admin Authorisation so there would be some control
  4. Skipped through the other sections to get to the Files section
    1. I made /Applications the Default Destination
    2. In Applications I right clicked and selected "Add Files..."
    3. I selected the folder which was in my Applications folder on the computer (I'd installed it earlier)
    4. I noticed that it didn't show the folders inside the "Canon Utilities". I was just about to click the "Add files..." option again but I did see an option to "Expand All". I clicked it and what do you know, it updated the folder to have all the subfolders it should have had!
  5. Next I clicked "Build" and it was done.
Just doing testing at the moment...

Yep, works like a dream!

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