Thursday, 10 February 2011

iMac 21.5" - 11, 2 - 10.6.6 - Installation and deployment - Part 2

After NetInstalling OS X 10.5.8 on the new iMac I got a black screen. I still think it was worth a try.

So, I swapped the "fully updated" one for another new iMac so I could start at OS X 10.6.4. Tried Active Directory and it worked fine, as well as NHR login scripts. So I jumped to the conclusion that it was in the use of "Migration Assistant" that some 'damage' occurred. But, I was still cautious of updating the operating system any further. My plan is/was to update everything else, image it, then update the operating system to see if everything still works and carry on accordingly.

So, I had to start from scratch and installed:
  • Final Cut Studio 2 - had to install at least 3 times to get 'all' the files
  • Aperture
  • Adobe CS5
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 - no serial number
  • CeltX
  • Audacity
  • iWork 09
  • Burn
  • ClickView
  • DivX
  • Firefox 3.6.13
  • Handbrake
  • Office 2008
  • Mplayer Ex...
  • DeployStudio RC20
  • NHRBasic
  • Flip4Mac
  • ARD Client 3.4
  • PCclient
  • Don't have "Logic" Disks on server
  • VLC 1.1.7

  • HP Scanjet 4370
  • Nikon CoolScan 8000
  • Scanwizard Pro 7.20

  • 5550
  • 3110
  • Canon Pixma IP4500
  • Konica 7300

  • PenTablet 521-3 - I think this covers all the tablets we have.
Forgot also to add "Media" user to the local users.

I partitioned the HD via Boot Camp Assistant and formatted it as HFS+ Journaled, named "Scratch Disk". Just going to make the first image now.....

.... and now just updated to 10.6.6, and student login worked just fine! So to conclude, "Migration Assistant" probably isn't good for transferring apps across operating system versions.

I am now imaging using Deploy Studio, but having to clear a bit of space on the server so it can fit on. The space taken on the iMac is 85GB, it needed more then 130GB (not sure how much more) for doing server side compression, I've now freed up 200GB on the server. 78 mins till it's uploaded, but then it'll take the old server, bless the poor thing, quite a while to compress the image.

... I left it over night and it did it. A nice thing to note is that if you use a local repository, I think it doesn't use the server to compress the image.

Worked a charm, and even worked with multicasting, yay.

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