Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Deploy Studio Set up RC20

So after my trials and tribulations with Deploy Studio RC20 we ended up uninstalling it completely so as to rule it out. But alas, it was needed and so upon reinstalling it, I found that I needed to set it up again. So refering back to my notes........ doh, didn't make many notes (in fact I only made one note), and so I am writing this 'note' on how I did it.

So, I worked out that you need to start the service before setting it up. It's because it gives itself it's name based on the server address, and does other things. So, after this I refered to the pdf I downloaded, which is a little out of date and NOT made by the people who made Deploy Studio (I have no idea why?). So basically:

This network sharepoint was setup previously

These groups were also setup previously

These settings are the default settings and haven't been tested. It did state in the PDF that the IP address should be that of the server, but this is incorrect. It has to do with multicasting.

So, hopefully this helps in the future. Let it be known that I have taken notes!

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