Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mac OS X Power Saving Schedule via Command Line

I now have, or want to have, all computers booting up on weekdays at 8:30 which will give me a good idea of which ones are working and which aren't via Remote Desktop. Also I have them shutting down at 16:50 as they will not be needed after this time (apart from times when they might be doing updates/scripts but I'll just have to remember this problem)

I also plan on changing the schedule for Half Terms and holidays so no extra power is wasted.

To control it all the xserve is set up to manage machine preferences and so through Workgroup Manager I change the preferences. A problem I'm having is that not all machines boot up at 8:30 even though they all appear in good working order. To check/manage preferences from Remote Desktop (to troubleshoot also) you can use the command line:

pmset -g sched

This works well and gives you what the schedules are. So far they are telling the right schedules:

N251-04899 (
Repeating power events:
  wakepoweron at 8:30AM weekdays only
  shutdown at 4:50PM every day
Scheduled power events:
 [0]  wakeorpoweron at 01/14/11 08:30:00 by Repeating
 [1]  shutdown at 01/13/11 16:50:00 by Repeating

I'll update this more when I find out more.

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