Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Final cut pro "Preview Disabled"

So yesturday a student was capturing film from a DV deck. Logged out for break and logged back in and low and behold when in "Log and Capture" it said "Preview Disabled". So I tried different tapes, different computer, different user (cove), different PAL settings and refresh rates to no avail. Only thing I didn't try was different tape deck (all were in use).

A quick search on google came up with a few results:

  1. Switch from PAL to other and then switch back (should refresh it)
  2. View drop-down menu in FCP and clicking on 'Refresh AV devices'
  3. Trying leaving the camera on and plugged into your Mac and then reboot your computer
after this guess I'll do some more searching (maybe even in console)

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