Sunday, 29 March 2015

Drupal security updating

Using drupal it's always good to stay up-to-date with security updates. The trouble is, how to update as it is usually a manual thing (please could you automate it Drupal?).

So, the manual process is:
  1. Backup files
    1. You really only need to backup the /Sites/All folder, but I backup all of it
    2. I use FileZilla, and simply drag the whole online folder onto my machine in an appropriately named folder - /Backups/29-03-2015/webfiles/
  2. Backup database
    1. The database is probably the most important thing to backup
    2. Log in to your myPHPadmin console
    3. click on the database
    4. Click on export
    5. I just use the simple settings
    6. When it's made the file, it'll give it to you to download
    7. Download and put it in an appropriately named folder - /Backups/29-03-2015/database/
  3. Download the latest Drupal release
  4. Upload all the files
    1. I use FileZilla, which doesn't replace folders, only files within folders. Very handy! You don't want to overwrite your /sites/ folder as this contains all your custom stuff!
  5. Run the update
    1. go to
  6. Done!

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