Monday, 9 March 2015

Blender Render Farm Tutorial

This tutorial will talk you through how to use the Render Farm in S721. You will be able to submit a job, and collect the files when finished.

  1. Load up Blender 2.73a found in Applications > Blender 2.73a > Blender
  2. You will need to enable the render farm plugin
    1. Go to File > User Preferences
    2. Go to "Render" on the left hand list
    3. Enable "Network Renderer"
    4. Close this window
    5. At the top go to where it says "Blender Render" and select "Network Render":
    6. On the lower right hand panel you will see the controls for network rendering:
    7. Once a job is submitted you will have to wait until it is complete before collecting the files.
On the Master Machine (the Mac Pro teaching machine) you can log in and access the queue viewer.
  1. Open a web browser on this machine
  2. in the URL type
    1. http://localhost:8000

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