Monday, 9 March 2015

Basic Fabric Printer Tutorial

This tutorial will talk you through using SmartPrint to send a print to the fabric printer and controlling the 'print queue' to the printer.

  1. You will need to log into the computer with a special login:
    1. Username: .\smartprint
      1. Please put the .\ before the word 'smartprint'
    2. Password: smartprint
  2. Put your USB Pendrive into the machine
  3. Your image is best off in the .TIFF format
    1. To convert to this format (as opposed to JPEG) load Photoshop
    2. Open your image
    3. In the menu system, click on Image > Image Size
    4. resize your image to the size you would like it printed to
      1. Make sure the 'Resolution' is set to 200 Dots Per Inch (DPI) (as opposed to Dots per CM)
    5. Click OK to resize it.
    6. In the menu system click: File > Save As
    7. Select TIFF from the list of formats
    8. Click OK when asked more questions.
  4. Load up "SmartPrint"
    1. Icon is at the bottom
  5. It will present you with a set width canvas which is dark gray
    1. each fabric is a different width. Measure your fabric
    2. To resize the width of the canvas click: File > Layout
    3. Edit the 'width' to the size in mm
  6. Open up an explorer window and browse to your image. (the TIFF file you made earlier)
  7. Drag this image onto the canvas of Smartprint
  8. It should size your image how you had sized it in Photoshop
  9. You may drag more images onto the canvas to maximise use of space. Although it will only let you drag one image at a time.
  10. When you are happy, switch the printer on
  11. Load the roll you wish to print on
  12. Click the 'right' arrow to say you have loaded a roll
    1. it will measure the width of the roll
  13. Click the 'Remote' button when the printer is ready to print
  14. On the computer go to: File > Print
  15. Click OK for 1 copy
  16. The Print Queue Manager will load up
    1. Do not click on the Print Queue Manager as it will crash!
  17. If the Print Queue Manager 'crashes' you will need to close it and open it again
    1. Click on the SmartPrint software
    2. In the file menu system go to: File > Close Queue Manager
    3. In the file menu system go to: File > Open Queue Manager
    4. In the Queue Manager go to: File > Start Print Queue

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