Thursday, 30 August 2012

Adobe Flash Player Install Manager failed to quit

I've got a couple of Mac suites with OS X 10.7.4 and have noticed this error appearing on them when trying to logout/shutdown the machines:

After doing a few searches I found firstly this adobe forum in which looked good, and next this adobe bug forum which provided a quick fix. Here's the quick fix as said in the last forum:

Go to and change Library/Application\ Support/Macromedia/mms.cfg



The actual problem is caused by two solutions to a previous problem related to Flash player security holes:

  1. Apple have fixed a security hole by disabling old versions of Flash Player because of a security flaw which was recently made use of.
  2. Adobe have enabled an update manager so that flash player is checked every hour, and updated (if needed) every day, to the newest version.
The problem with this solution is that Adobes update manager crashes at some point. The quick fix suggested here only turns the autoupdate off, but Adobe Flash will in the meantime not update automatically, and unless done manually, will be disabled.

The fix might be to update Adobe Flash Player to version 11.4 which apparently does not have this problem.

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