Thursday, 12 July 2012

sendLogon and NHR for OS X 10.7

So, I'm just setting up some new machines with OS X 10.7.4 installed. I tried to install the NHR and sendlogon scripts which I implemented here, but looking into it, it doesn't seem to work.

The NHR side which redirects folders from the networked home drive to a local folder works beautifully, but when I browse the internet, it doesn't let me on sites which i am authorised to go on? So, to conclude, the LIsendLogon.hook isn't running properly.

The one thing I wanted to happen was to get the loginhook to run a script which in turn ran a sendLogon script and the NHR script. But it was an 'either/or' situation. I could never have both scripts running no mater how hard I tried.

After trying many different things, I ended by just giving up and putting the lines for sendLogon into the LIclean.hook script at the bottom. Very frustrating.

I did find an interesting and useful article on running a centralised login script here.

I also found a nice little course on the subject of scripting which I found very useful here and another here

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  1. Ever tried a LaunchAgent script?