Saturday, 28 July 2012

Enabling Smart search in Joomla

Now I'm getting on with my website thought it best to add some sort of search. Just as I'm adding a module I see "Smart Search" and "Search". Which one?

So, did a little search on google and found this article from It seems that "Smart Search" is a newer and fancier "Search" which pretty much replaces the "Search". Even has autocomplete (who needs google now).

So I thought I'd quickly mention the steps to putting this search box onto the Joomla website:
  1. Enable the "Content - Smart Search" plugin in "Plug-in Manager"
    1. by changing the red circle to a green circle.
  2. Index your website
    1. click on "Components" > "Smart Search"
    2. then click on the large icon labelled "Index" at the top
    3. this might take a while depending on the size of your website
  3. Make a "Smart Search" Module with a position on your website
    1. Go to Module Manager
    2. New module
    3. Type = Smart Search
    4. select a position
    5. Save
  4. Cheers

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