Wednesday, 4 May 2011

iPhone recovery

Well, after just getting an iPhone off eBay I've found it's got an error 1015, which means it was jailbroken! I've found a nice little tutorial here which might work.

Yep, it worked. But no sim. Ended up jailbreaking version 3.1.2 with blackrain but the new sim card doesn't work. I found this which looks promising. This has got a good list of all the firmwares that are available.

So, at the moment I have iOS 3.1.2 which is jailbroken with blackrain. The trouble is that it doesn't like the sim card. This might have something to do with the baseband. This is the firmware for the modem. I found this page giving a brief description. I have baseband 06.15.00. This person has baseband 05.14.02 and his is locked to AT&T but he has iOS 4.2.1. I can only assume that this baseband does not like the modem (is not compatible). I would like to take it back to what it normally is.

In the end I would like a factory iphone and then go from there. I've found this which explains how to downgrade the baseband to something normal. This can be unlocked so it's not completely pointless.

I shall start by simply letting iTunes update the phone normally. It's probably going to go wrong but we'll see. Yep, doesn't like it, as soon as it reboots it goes straight back to the DFU.

I re-did it to version 3.1.3 and it says that the sim is not valid for this phone. It basically means that the phone is not "unlocked". I have two choices, one is unlock it officially, the other is to unlock it unofficially. It looks like o2 charge £15! But I recon that is worth it. But I need to find out which carrier it is locked to?

Well, after finding an old o2 card lying around the house (a bit of a fluke), looks like something different is happening. It now says "Waiting for Actiation" "This may take some time".

Just found an informative website which says that if you are not the original owner then it is difficult (maybe impossible) to get it unlocked!

Just found this post which says how you can get around the recovery loop in 4.2.1 version. - Didn't work!

So, I've just restored successfully to 4.1.0! Works beautifully. And now to unlock it. But first to jailbreak! So I've found this post. Bloody complicated but it's working at the moment. After this the plan is to install the unlocking software which is called ultrasnow.

Yep, worked a dream! Next was this post. A little long also, but worked also. Must note that it did come up with this error when installing ultrasnow. But seems fine.

netdv:open nodename nor servname provided, or not known

I did notice that it disconnected from the wireless and this might have prompted the error messages. Anyway, it now says "t-mobile" and I've just rang the home phone!! Yay!!!!!

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