Monday, 22 November 2010

Using PVC in the Laser Cutter

So, Sue called and wanted some circles cutting for use with Jo. Set it all up and asked if it was PVC, she said no, probably not. I went on and started cutting and she asked "what is PVC", and I said it was like PVC windows and doors. She then said she got it from home after they'd done the conservatory! She had to go anyway, so I stopped the job.

So talking to Tom he said there was a test for PVC, so I looked it up. Found the "Beilstein Test" where you get some copper, put it in the flame so that there is no other material on it and touch the hot copper onto the suspected PVC (it should melt onto it). Then put it back in the flame. If the flame goes green then it contains PVC (poisonous and erodes metal). Found an example here:

Turns out Sue did the rest of it after she phoned the people to see whether it was PVC. It did stink out most of North Block 3.

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