Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Package Maker for OS X

Well, after finding out to some degree that Firefox 3.6.12 works perfectly on Active Directory I thought I'd try and role it out through the Task Server. First and final step was to make a package file which puts Firefox in the Applications folder with the right permissions.

It took some time but I found just dragging Firefox over the "drag contents here" dialogue on the left of the window added Firefox and also added Applications/ folder for the destination!. Tried it, it said it worked, even took a little time installing the files, and it just wouldn't appear in the Applications folder.

After trying "trial and error" I finally looked at the logs to find it saying it was "Diverting" or some similar wording, the files to some other place. I searched on the internet to find that you need to 'untick' the "Relocate" box. I think it's been finding "firefox" or reminants of Firefox  in the folder and so didn't want to overwrite it. Unticking the box finally worked which then showed some wierd results.

The wierd results were that once this was run, Guest and other logins couldn't run firefox. I thought of permissions issues might be the cause because I was logged in and made it from Firefox which I copied. I tried it from Cove login from the Firefox in the Applications folder with no luck. Finally I tried it from Cove and Firefox from the original DMG file downloaded from the interweb. The pkg file recommended a restart through ARD and this tended to work. Just a few more tests and I shall run it through the Task Server.

Should now be able to make more PKG files for distribution. Yay

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