Saturday, 6 February 2010

Xgrid Startup troubles

Well, after a very long time of X-Grid being untested, I decided to open it up and see if I could utilise it for Blender (see other post), but alas, on startup of Xgrid on the server it crashes! Doh!

So, after a little looking through the logs I knew I wouldn't find anything so I googled it and after a few pages the answer was found:

So, basically do this in terminal on the server (or ssh)

sudo xgridctl c stop sudo xgridctl c off sudo rm /var/xgrid/controller/datastore.db sudo rm /var/xgrid/controller/status sudo xgridctl c start sudo xgridctl c on

He's added more, but this fixed it. I'll put the rest on though just incase it helps:

optionally, you could do:
sudo rm /var/xgrid/controller/blobs/*

(this can take a while if your database is old and has grown a lot of crap; another option is thus to rename the blobs to blobs-old and create a new one with the same permissions; then while the controller restarts happily, delete blobs-old).

Carefully check the permissions and ownership before messing up with / var/xgrid/controller.
The owner of most of the files is xgridcontroller (the name can be clipped of in a simple ls -al).

Just need to work out how to send a job to it (which is surely quite important!)

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