Thursday, 16 July 2015

interactive base to work on

Been thinking about an interactive template for web design. The basic principal is to create a canvas containing thousands of tiled objects, could be pixels. All these objects are monitored. When the mouse passes over them their colour value increases.This would create a nice effect for the user.We can change areas of this so that the pixels behave differently in different areas. Perhaps their behavior is based on the proximity to something. Or perhaps different elements like the menu system have either different starting value or different calculations.
This way we can create a website, the graphics are all based on user interactions, and each time the page is visited the visitor will see something unique.
To do:
  • Create objects which change when mouse goes over
  • Tile a webpage with it
  • Create areas within the webpage with different variables

Possible problems

I see that this initially might be processor intensive. This needs to be monitored and more effencient methods worked out.


going to use jquery to animate the changes. 

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