Sunday, 31 May 2015

Netbeans install

Found this video for installing netbeans for use with c++. Why is it so complicated. Because people don't want you to make programs! They want all the glory! Here's what I make of the rundown of the install:

  1. Cygwin (please make your website easier to use!)
    1. click install > setup-x86.exe
    2. Run it
    3. Download from any mirror
    4. Packages
      1. gcc-core - GNU compiler collection
      2. gcc-g++ - GNU compiler collection
      3. gdb - GNU debugger
      4. make - the GNU version of the make utility
    5. install
  2. JAVA Development Kit JDK
    1. Download JDK
  3. Netbeans
    1. just install the full package (you never know when you're going to need it all)
    2. Load up Netbeans
    3. make a new C++ app
    4. tools > Options > C++
      1. If you don't have anything in these boxes, click restore to defaults

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