Thursday, 30 October 2014

transfering music from ipod to itunes on OS X

So you have your music on you iPod and now you want to transfer it to another iTunes library for free?


  1. Download iExplorer
  2. Load it up and right click and "mount" iPod
  3. load up terminal and type:
    1. defaults write ShowAllFiles YES
  4. go to the apple at top left > Force Quit ...
  5. Click on finder and "Relaunch"
  6. Load up a new Finder window, go to the iPod > iPod_Control > Music
  7. Copy the Music Folder to your desktop
  8. load up "Terminal" again and type:
    1. chflag nohidden ~/Desktop/Music
    2. chflag nohidden ~/Desktop/Music/*
  9. Now you can load up iTunes and copy the music folder onto it
  10.  Sorted!
  11. Oh, you probably want to not show hidden files anymore so type:
    1.  defaults write ShowAllFiles NO

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