Sunday, 3 August 2014

Gathering images and media for use in a Drupal site

So I have hit a slight stumbling block whilst trying to integrate media from external websites into my own.

I want to collect Photos from Flickr which are linked to the project and display them on the website in the form of a gallery.

The first thing I tried was flickr module. But I was a little underwhelmed by how simple it was. It simply adds links to the specific galleries etc. that you want. The block adds thumbnails, but thats about it. Whenever you click on anything it takes you straight to flickr. Not what I wanted.

The advantage of this is that every thing can have a 'flickr' field, and so can be used on the map which I have.

I tried using with Views, but I think I need to do some more planning to get this working. But I think it won't work as any fields/data just links to the flickr site.

The next thing to try is the Media module. This is more like what I'm looking for. There is a plugin for this module specifically for Flickr

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