Friday, 17 January 2014

installing MFD canon IR 5840 and 4080 printers using only one queue

So we have a print management system, and Canon Multi Function devices installed everywhere. When we send a print, it goes to only one queue, and will print on whatever MFD you log on to. TRouble is there are multiple models, i.e.

Canon IR C4080
Canon iR C4580
Canon 5840

When we send a print to the 4080 using the 4080 PCL drivers from a Mac, it prints fine. If we send them to the 5840 it prints gobble-de-goop.

So now I'm testing the 5840 drivers on both to see what happens. I'm not sure which to try, the PS drivers or the UFR II (whatever that means) drivers.

Trying the Mac CUPS UFRII/UFRII LT Printer Driver (v10.2.1)  driver:
4080 - blank A3 page

Canon PS Printer Driver for MacOSX v4.00 (v4.00)  driver:
4080 - blank A3 page

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