Thursday, 1 August 2013

Re-imaging Windows 7 on Apple Macs

So, we are now trialing a newer system for deploying Windows 7 on to our Apple Macs. Previously we've used Deploystudio, but as our Apple Server is too old, it is no longer up to the task.

For the rest of the PC's we use the Microsoft Imaging technique (whatever this is), and we're trying it with our macs.

Here's a step by step of what to do with the installer disk:

  1. insert disk
  2. set the default boot disk to be Windows (assuming Windows was previously installed)
  3. reboot and hold ALT
  4. select the CD
  5. Press ANY KEY
  6. log in with own credentials
  7. Select task sequence
    1. to determine which volume to boot from you need to run DISKPART. Type:
      1. SELECT DISK 0
      3. SELECT VOLUME (type the volume number)
  8. Select to install BootCamp drivers
  9. Put name, domain details in
  10. Go!

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