Monday, 11 March 2013

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody keyboard trouble

Just had a look at a MacBook Pro with keyboard issues. Whenever you tried to type anything it'd make a "nope" noise. Restarted in single user mode "cmd + s", and whenever you tried to type it'd come up with all sorts of stuff.

I rebooted into Windows XP and could not use the ctrl + alt + del key to login. I assume it was a hardware failure at this point.

I tried to update firmware, I might have figured that there would be a keyboard firmware update but couldn't find any such thing.

I rebooted and connected an external keyboard which worked quite well, although when this was connected, occasionally it'd make a 'nope' noise.

I opened up the keyboard viewer in the top right corner and noticed that cmd + shift keys were always held down:

Looks like it thinks these keys are being constantly pressed.

Looking into replacing the keyboard, but after looking at this take-down tutorial and this video:

I think perhaps not.

Will update this when its' fixed.

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