Monday, 3 December 2012

MacBook Pro left hand fan noisy

After turning on one of our 2009 MacBook Pro 17", after about 5 seconds, the left hand side fan would start making a buzzing noise. Thought it'd be something rattling around with it, or maybe catching a wire so I took it apart.

When I took the fan with the casing out I noticed nothing catching. It seemed to be rattling of its' own accord. I found this good post on how to fix the fan. Basically just take the two screws holding it together off. Then prize the fan off the motor.

Inside I found a little tiny bit of grit underneath the magnet on the main base. I tried to get it out but it proved pretty tricky. After 5 mins I got most of the bits out (very tiny bits), and I oiled the fan axle.

I put it back together and it worked a treat.

Thank you very much and This internet thing is very helpful.

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