Wednesday, 24 October 2012

iPad 1st Gen screen displaying horizontal gray band

I have an iPad which is displaying a gray horizontal band across 1/3 of the screen near the bottom. I was told that upon switching the ipad on one morning this band just appeared. After reading a few posts looks like it is a common occurrence with a batch of iPads brought in December 2009 which is about the time we brought ours.

It appears to be a display problem as when taking a screenshot everthing appears fine.

As it is out of warranty and applecare i have the option to repair myself. I found this helpful guide of how to replace the screen and glass. And hear is the price of a new LCD with glass (about £80). Here's one with just the LCD screen.

I shall update.

I've decided to test the theory by swapping the display assembly with another working iPad, as it involves little invasive action.

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